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Equipment for sale

Equipment for sale

We are the official representatives of Jinan Demeijia Machinery in Lithuania.


Polyurea spray material has many advantages such as insulation, heat proofing, noise proofing and anticorrosion etc. Widely used in many areas. Environmental friendly and energy saving. The insulation and heat proofing function are better than any other materials.


Working principle: The function of this machine is to extract black and white material. Make them pressurized. So both materials combined by high pressure in the gun head and then spray out.


Application: Mainly for injection construction, spraying construction, buffer packaging. For spraying: Building exterior and interior wall spraying,cold storage spraying,cabinet insulation and noise proofing of car&bus,roof insulation and waterproof,refrigerated trucks and industrial anticorrosion spraying. For injecting: solar water heater,refrigerator,freezer,pipe joints,door-crack padding,products padding & packaging,roller shutter door,security door,road construction,wall noise proofing, landscape modeling etc.


Automatic Polyurea coat equipment for waterproof

High pressure polyurethane foaming equipment for thermal insulation


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